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Roots, Short Film - 2015 | Writer/Director (Coming Soon)
Jai, a young Indian-American, visits Lisbon in order to escape from his cultural identity and find himself.
Jeremy, a professional thief, has met his match in Sarah, his gorgeous counterpart.
Blessed With Thievery, Short Film - 2014 | Writer/Director
Smart, Sitcom - 2014 | Director
Further adventures in the life and career of Dr. Smart and her quirky receptionist in the live, multicam production of Smart.
The outrageous adventures of spork selling call center employees.
Please Hold..., Webshow - 2014 | Writer/Director
Please Hold..., Webshow - 2014 | Director
A Man, A Match, A Dog, Short Doc - 2013 | Writer/Director
A day in the life of David (aka Jockey) an alcoholic gambler as he watches a rugby match with his dog.
Terry will go to any lengths to save and protect her son, Jack.
Darkness Follows, Short Film - 2013 | Writer/Director
The Blind Witness, Short Film - 2013 | Writer/Director
A prostitute has been murdered and Detective Daniel Simmons is on the case.
Filmmaker. Gastronomer. Wayfairer. Krish is a 22 year old Indian born, American raised, London studied filmmaker. His first foray into the visual arts was at age four when his mother bought him a 35mm photography camera. Needless to say, the photos were horrendous. Raised by two voracious filmgoers and never staying in one city for too long, Krish's only constants growing up were cinema and television. He spent some time after high school interning at a production company and freelancing before graduating with a BA in filmmaking with a focus in writing and directing from the Met Film School in London. Krish is currently looking for opportunities to collaborate creatively with talented filmmakers and tell meaningful stories. His other interests include food, traveling and tennis.